CANTILEVER TABLE, 2007 Cast Glass with Stainless Steel 84"L X 20"W X 42"HImage by Lawrence Huff

GLACIER COFFEE TABLE, 2003 Cast Glass with White Gold Leaf63"L X 41"W X 18"HImage by Charles Frizzell

GLACIER PEDESTAL, 2007 Clear and Black Cast Glass48"L X 14"W X 35"HImageby Lawrence Huff

BRONZE PATINA DINING TABLE, 2008 Cast Glass with Patina Steel104" X 44" X 30"Image by Lawrence Huff

SMALL COFFEE TABLE, 2015 Cast Glass with Patina steel72"L X 28"W X 19"HImage by Lawrence Huff

Tension Table Cast Glass with Stainless Steel72"L X 14"W X 36"HImage by Lawrence Huff

PATINA STEEL CONSOLE, 2010 Cast Glass with Treated Steel114"L X 16"W X 36"HImage by Lawrence Huff

COPPER PATINA DINING TABLE, 2007 Cast Glass with Copper Patina Steel108"L X 39"W X 30"HImage by Lawrence Huff

NAUTILUS TABLE, 2011 Jet Cut Cast Glass36”L X 22”W X 16”HImage by Lawrence Huff

ROUND COFFEE TABLE, 2003 Clear and Black Cast Glass64"D X 17"HImage by Charles Frizzell