John Lewis | About John Lewis Glass

John Lewis founded his studio in 1969. He was one of the first artists to open a hot glass studio in the Bay Area where, for 10 years, his focus was blowing glass. After receiving an NEA grant in 1980, he started experimenting with the possibilities of cast glass as a sculptural medium. He built a furnace specifically for casting, which melted and poured glass, and began exploring the various forms possible with different types of molds. This exploration led John to create a diverse collection of cast glass sculptures, in a variety of shapes, forms, textures and colors.

Through contacts made at shows and gallery exhibits, John’s work progressed into an architectural format. Artists and architects began asking him to collaborate on site-specific architectural projects and commissions, incorporating his castings into both immense sculptures and functional designs. Since then, the studio has completed a number of commissions for private and corporate clients.

The studio is located in the industrial area of East Oakland. It has grown to include not only the hot shop, but mold and cold shops, as well. The studio is located at 10229 Pearmain Street, Oakland, CA 94603. Visitors are welcome by appointment.

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